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A far off wasteland encircled with a vast desert.
There exists a kingdom 'Dignitas' in the middle of it.
Despite of the unsuitable environment for living of people,
the kingdom has prospered for a long time owing to some magic force
which arises from the depths of a nearby cave in the south.

A wiz-guild which is based to the northeast of the kingdom.
It was an infamous organization, yet the kingdom had been conniving at it.
However, in recent years, it is said that the guild makes an experiment
in witchcraft called necromancy, and to use as guinea pigs on the experiment,
kidnaps people in cooperation with villains.
Furthermore, someone who belongs to the guild has put the king under his curse,
and the guild has occupied the cave in the south.

The kingdom dispatched punitive forces and investigating teams to the guild and the cave
so as to resolve the problem, but monsters which had been summoned into the guild
engendered the failure of it. The forces and teams in the cave also disappeared because of the same reason,
none of them has returned alive.

Now having little force to overcome the plight,
the kingdom made decision to muster adventurers.

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